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Chiltern Natural Foods

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It was on reading the long list of unrecognisable and unnecessary ingredients on the back of a cereal packet that Susie Maynard took it upon herself to develop a range of natural cereals, flavoured nuts and fudges in High Wycombe.

Chiltern Natural Foods started in 2005 in Susie’s kitchen but soon moved into the local cricket club, outgrew that and was then invited by Wycombe Wanderers to set up there. She has since grown the business and recently been able to move into a tailored unit with a development kitchen and production area in High Wycombe.

“Chiltern Natural Foods are suitable for vegetarians”

“We all want to eat as healthily as possible but some products on the market purport good health when in fact they are filled with preservatives and E-numbers. Our products use whole grains and natural ingredients so that you can trust what you’re eating” says Susie. In fact, the cereals are wheat free, salt free and there is no added sugar. Yucatan honey and organic Madagascan vanilla or cinnamon are added to make the cereal sweet, tasty and balanced.

There is a wonderful choice of cereals, mueslis and granolas from Mango and Strawberry Crunch to Toasted Almond Vanilla Crunch, all of which have been carefully developed using the best available ingredients for satisfying taste. The flavoured nuts and seeds are very popular and again offer an array of choice for delicious snacks and salad toppers. These are a wonderful way to eat healthily and enjoy yourself while you are doing so. Even the fudge is made with unbleached, natural sugar to ensure the best ingredients; a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth with an angelic conscience!

All the products from Chiltern Natural Foods are suitable for vegetarians and it is a long term plan of Susie’s to be able to source gluten free oats so that her range will be suitable for people with food intolerances too.

It’s good for all of us to have this production unit on our doorstep getting natural options into the local market. The website tells you where to find the products including Budgens (Bedgrove), Peterley Manor Farm Shop (Prestwood) and Parrott Brothers (Whitchurch) to name but a few.

We now have a local reason to stick to those new year resolutions and eat a healthier, more wholesome diet without compromising on great taste.


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